Acne Diary: Chapter 6 – You Know What.. I Won!

After 1 and half year, I stopped oral prescription (Roaccutane) 2 times and start it over again. But I still keep my daily routine. I change moisturizer and sun block to the other that not so thick for my face. I chose to use Giffarine SPF 70 PA+++ only on the day I go out side and use moisturizer some times only.

I changed my routine a bit that I use only pure water to wash my face on the date that I don’t use Sun block. After wash with pure water for 3 days I then wash with Acne aid on the next day. (I wash my face twice a day)

Also I add 2% liquid BHA in my routine. I use it after clean my face in the morning and evening. This really help to clear black head and dead skin. Then I scrub my face once every other week. I actually use Benzac only when I have breakout once in a while.

Here are current products I use.

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Acne Diary: Chapter 3 – There Is A Faith

10 days later… I have been very tired with acne, irritation skin, and scars. These things give me a stressfulness also.

Now my face is a little clear up. Do you see that I smile a little? hehe. Please remember that I avoided other face product. I only took medicine and dabbed the acne cream on my face.

Here are a list to remind you again.
1. 20mg. Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) as a oral drug
2. 5% Benzoyl peroxide (Panoxyl 5) as an external gel
3. 0.025% Tretinoin (Ratin-A) as an external cream
4. Acne Aid Cleansing Gel.

Nothing else to use on my face even sunblock.

May 19th, 2008
Here are pics for this chapter.

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Acne Diary: Chapter 2 – They Are Fighting Also

6 days after I got more acne! They are big and red. One is on my nose. OH noooooo!

Only one thing I add is I don’t use product with alcohol anymore.

May 9th, 2008

Here are pics of more spots of acne.

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Acne Diary: Chapter 1 – My Face Must be Clear Up

After I wrote about Roaccutane, There are so many responds and questions. My previous experience doesn’t full fill your thought? Here what I did.

After I stopped the medicine for six months, acne come back and enjoy living on my face. Due to I move back to Thailand and the weather is hot and a lot of humidity, my face was getting worse once again.

This time I also make my acne diary to record every detail and photos.

May 3rd, 2008
I set my goal once again. It’s gonna be a last set of acne on my face.

Here are pics. Don’t worry about black strips. It will be remove at the end. haha

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