One Solution to Solve Ingrown Hairs Problem

After we posted about ingrown hairs problem

There are even people email me directly how to solve the problem. To allow the hair grown longer is a good solution only some parts of body. Some people couldn’t have beard because that would make yourself look older. Some people can be a style anyway.

To do laser is expensive and hurt. That need to be done 6 – 8 times before the hair gone.

Another solution which is good enough and you can afford is Cream, Lotion or Liquid that help to exfoliate skin.

Reviews said it helps a lot. After reading and study about skin exfoliate we learnt that AHA’s and BHA’s can helps alleviate the razor bump problem. People that have those problem also have ingrown hair because the hair after shave can’t grow to the skin surface. Exfoliant help this. There are also said you might get some irritation from skin exfoliant.

Anyway, Let’s try them. Find a product with great formula and have right pH (4 – 7) so that the acid would work.