Switching your email to Gmail is easy!

Switching your email to Gmail is easy!If you are interesting in using Gmail, but you are still using your old email which is important. This can make you hesitate to switch, but your email box is almost full! Well, here is the suggestion.

For anyone who didn’t know about Gmail before, it’s a free web-based email service from Google.

You can learn more about Gmail here. It’s easy like the other web-based email

The features that make Gmail stand out are:

– 2 GB email space
This is plenty of space so you don’t need to delete email to save the space anymore.
– Web-based email
You can access your email from anywhere in the world with the Internet and a computer!
– Conversation sort
Gmail sorts emails like a conversation to help you when you need to refer to the previous emails.
– Search
Search any text from all emails in your inbox, sent, trash folders easily!

Also there is something that might bother you:

– Your email privacy might not be complete. Well, we don’t know if they are monitoring your messages or not, but they are using the content in emails to give relavant ads.
– Yes! There are advertisements in the righthand
column inside gmail.

Tips and nice features:

– You can have a vacation message (Auto respond).
– You can use yourname@googlemail.com as well.
– You can chat with friends who use Gmail in the gmail website.

How to sign up?
Right now you can’t sign up on their homepage, you need someone who is already a user to invite you. If you need an invite, please leave your comment ask for invitation.

If you have a mobile phone, you can sign up via SMS

Switching to Gmail
Don’t worry and hesitate, They have all the features to:

– Import contact from hotmail, yahoo, etc.
– Announce your new email just click ‘All’ from contact and send!
– Remind your friends of your new email by setting your ‘reply-to’ in your old email account to the new Gmail account.
– Manage your old email account from Gmail (if you still want to keep it)

Learn to switching in action

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