Roaccutane – The best medicine for acne treatment

Roaccutane – The best medicine for acne treatment

Roaccutane is a common name for Isotretinoin which is a medicine for acne treatment. I think it’s the best medicine you need to use it when other typical medicines can’t help you. Acne can’t just disappear from your face after you pass your teenager age. Not everyone are lucky.

Important information
Oral isotretinoin is marketed under various trade names, most commonly Accutane (Roche), Amnesteem (Mylan), Claravis (Barr), Sotret (Ranbaxy), or Roaccutane (Roche); while topical isotretinoin is most commonly marketed under the trade names Isotrex or Isotrexin (Stiefel).

In my country, I saw only Accutane and Roaccutane which is from Roche. (F. Hoffmann–La Roche, Ltd., Switzerland. )

Today isotretinoin is usually prescribed after other acne treatments have failed to produce results. The treatment of acne usually begins with topical medications (e.g. benzoyl peroxide, adapalene, etc)

There are 10mg capsule and 20 mg capsule sells in my country, Thailand.

The dose of isotretinoin a patient receives is dependent on their weight and the severity of the condition. Generally it is prescribed from between 0.5 mg/kg/day to 2 mg/kg/day (usually at 0.5 to 1 mg/kg/day[6], divided into two doses), for a total treatment of 4–6 months.

In these experiments, subjects used 20mg/day, which is 0.25 mg/kg/day for an 80 kg (176 pounds) person.


My information
Disclaimer: To use this medicine, you need to talk to your doctor before use it because it is very danger if you are possibly to pregnant. Below is my experience, but you can’t use it as a doctor suggestion!

I have been using Roaccutane for 3 courses. First time someone suggested me to try because they saw a lot of bad acnes on my face. The medicine is very expensive. ( $1.65 per capsule for 10mg capsule and $2.50 per capsule for 20mg capsule) and it’s illegal to buy if you don’t have prescription from doctor. Of course, I bought it illegally.

One box has 3 batches and each batch has 10 capsules.

First time I started with a 10mg capsule each day after breakfast and it works very good on my face. I found that my face had no more acne when I started the second box.

Then I had a financial problem, I had to stop at the third box. My face still look great for another 2 months and started new acne again. After that I didn’t take it for a long time.

You need to know that within one month you using this drug, you can’t donate your blood.

From above prescribed, use it 0.5 mg/kg/day. I am 78 kg. (78 x 0.5 = 39) So I need 39 mg per day, but I think that’s too much because when I took 10mg per day my skin is very dry and my lips peeling too. My eyes were so sensitive to sun light.

Now I take 20 mg capsule per day after breakfast. This medicine is good after meal. I will continue until I finish a course (6 months) then I will stop for one month or two and then start the new course again.

In most case, only one course is enough and all acne will completely disappear.

What is this medicine helps me?
– Stop new acne (very very few tiny acne occur in a month)
– Cure giant red acnes.
– Healing your scars on your face.
– Stop too much greasy face

What is side effects happenned to me from this medicine?
– Dryness of skin, lips and mucous membrane.
– Skin peeling.
– Nose bleeds.
– Dry eyes.

– Not use in pregnancy woman. The drug cause deformed infant.
– Check and control triglyceride elevations. Very danger if the level excess of 800 mg/dl

So this medicine is good for who is really take care themself and take a blood test every month while use this drug. Also need to obey a doctor advice.

50 thoughts on “Roaccutane – The best medicine for acne treatment”

  1. Hello,

    I woodlike to know where can I bay roaccutane with no prescription, I am looking online, but I dont find anything yet. Thank for your help


  2. hi im 18 142 pounds i think i need to take 35 gm of the medecine 71k * 0.5 = 35.5 where can i buy it online?and please iluminate me with ur experience since they say is a really strong medecine and side effects long term i dont know, i trie dlots of stuff already im tired. but if u take it in small amount maybe nothing bad happens.

  3. 142 lbs = 65Kg.
    65 x 0.5 = 32mg / day

    You can take 20mg capsule a day. If you never used this drug, better start with 10mg / day.

    Make sure you don’t have a chance to be pregnant.

    I don’t know where to buy online safely without prescription.

  4. I used this accutane about 2 years ago. I remember when I was so embarrassed about my acne I would even go to social events or out with my friends. That was when I was 16. Your only allowed to take accutane 6 months (or at least here it was). Now, I have one of the best complexions out there. I actually get compliments on it! The 6 months were hell however…but it was worth it!

  5. Hi there,

    I was also wondering if you are aware of where I can purchase accutane without a prescription? I have been doing a lot of research on the product and would like to try it. Would you please let me know if you are familiar with any sites? Thanks,


  6. I don’t know or familier any website that sell without presciption. I bought it from local drug store here.

    You should be careful to buy from those sites that accept order without prescription because there are fake accutane is this market.

  7. hi, i just start takin roacutane and it`s my third day, and my lips are not peeling yet, i good a lot of fade on it! i`m taking it without a prescription, and if it is too bad aidea for me to do that? and if it is anything run to take some vitamine E and a SIMEPAR which is a pill to protect my liver?

  8. felix, you need to do blood test to check the level of triglyceride every month.

    Do not use any Retinoid and Vitamin A during the course.

    Avoid all alcohol product on your face.

    Use sun block and lip balm.

    Probably your lips, fingers, nails, eyes, nose will be so much dry in next two weeks. Take care of them and drink a lot of water.

  9. But Articles Addict, the first blog posted by Ana was asking you the same question. You in turn responded by saying you would contact her directly. Are you sure you are not familiar with any websites?

  10. Im 65Kg if a take the dosis of 1,0 mg/kg/day…I have to take 3 pills of 20??? isent it to much??

  11. Yes, that’s too strong and very dangerous. That must be only prescribe from your doctor if you have really bad case in acne.

    here is your example
    0.5 mg/kg/day. (65 x 0.5 = 32.5) so take only 1 pill of 10mg or 20mg per day.

  12. i was prescibed accutane by a dermatologist a few years a go now. My face just seemed to break out over night with very big red and painful acne. I had to take the meddicine for 6 months. But as warned by the dermatologist my face got worse before it got better. I had big weeping sores around my ears, my lips peeled and my skin was very dry. It was all worth it though as after the six months all the acne and scares cleared up and even now my skin is great. Only the odd normal zit from time to time. The drug is linked to depression so they say, and I have been treated for chemical depression four times in seven years after taking the drug, but I don’t know if it is related to accutane, and I have to say I am no more depressed than when I had a face full of Acne. I know if it ever came back I would take the drug again in a shot……..the only thing that is guaranteed to work in MY OPINION.

  13. could someone tell me what website I can go one to buy accutane my ins. will not pay for it ………I have been on it 2 months please help thank you

  14. Thank Emma for sharing.

    Surely, depression is one of affect from accutane. The worse case is suicide. So that why this medicine is dangerous. There is such nothing to prove about this affect, but there was a case of people after take some dose.

    It’s true that there is more depress when got acne all over the face. 😀

  15. Be very careful with this product, especially without a prescription! I know someone whose liver Accutane permanently damaged. He can get drunk by eating a desert which was cooked in a bit of alcohol. It will usually clear your skin, but do NOT get pregnant and do NOT do anything to irritate your face. Wear sunblock, don’t pick at or pop zits **at all**, and avoid even using any products on your face, except maybe a mild moisturizer.

  16. hi ppls i been using accutane for about 3 weeks and my face is looking bader every day ..

    can u plz tell me wen it will start getting beta
    thanks to all and hope it works out for u…

  17. Im useen it now its great i got it over the counter in Latvia and i regreat i didnt buy more i got it there for about 40euro for 30 10mg tabs and Sam your face will start clearing up soon just keep on taken them dont stop till your finshed your course

  18. Hi, I have been on Roaccutane for 3 weeks and is on a 20mg/day as per prescribed by a skin doctor.

    Till date, the only side effect is chapped lips and dry skin without any severe side effects. Or perhaps I am still in denial.

    Does it cause liver malfunction?
    Will we lose sleep over it as well? Because I havent been able to sleep well recently.

    My doctor did not mention any precautionary measures to me such as:
    – Minimise Drinking
    – Dry Lips & Skin
    – Vommiting
    – Loose bowels
    – Not to donate blood during period of consumption
    – May not be able to wear lens

    The only warning given was not to get pregnant and I was made to sign a form to abide by this.

    I am currently not feeling depressed at all….but I got to admit I am not feeling that comfortable after reading different reviews and suicidal issues on the net about taking this medicine.

    I do not drink alcohol thus it is not a concern but does that means my liver will not be able to take the slightest alocohol in future?

    Do I have to go for a blood test every month and what is the objective of that?

    I am not sure if i should continue with my dosage or should I take it every alternate day?
    I am 57KG and should take 28mg/day. Is my current dosage of 20mg/day too much?
    My GP did not even take my weight before prescribing me this medicine.

    How long is the normal cycle of taking this drug then?

    My skin did improve slightly but is much better compared to old days. There are a few occasional big ones appearing but I believe it is normally the case during the beginning.

    I am still able to wear my lens thus is my condition still managable?

    I’m sorry I am asking so much but I just found out abt these side effects and is eager to know. Of course I will also find out more from my GP however, I may have lost my confidence in him for not revealing these truths/myths from me.

    And it was really expensive.

  19. yea i got it from my dermatologist like a mouth yea its is true that the lips get dry and the face but still dont noe about the acne go too ….

  20. hey, i took roaccutane for about 8 months, the first 6 was an everyday dose, i cant remember if it awas 10 or 20mg, then the rest was an every-other-day routine. i thought i was cured for sure, after suffering those awful side efects. but now after 6 months that i’ve stop using it my acne is back; not as BAD as it used to be thought. but i hate it, only thing is that i got the prescription in mexico, and i just cant afort to go back there and buy it i thought i could get it here….but i’m still broke and i dont want to go to a dermatologist here in the US (too expensive), still i have no idea how much roaccutane cost here….so if you could pls pls tell me where i can get it, and let me know the price, i used to pay about 65dlrs per box…maybe it wasnt so bad, plus the 25 for the appointment.

  21. Anne, wearing lens should be avoid when you get your eyes so much dry or you need to use some solution for your eyes. Your eyes will be so much sensitive to light and air conditioner. Donating blood is prohibit. You need to drink a lot of water. Lost sleep over can be affect in some case. They let you sign a form because they want you to take your own problem of side effect.

    Check triglyceride level every month or 3 months is recommended too. The cycle for drug is normally 6 months. If need to continue, stop for 2 months and then take another 6 months.

    I can give you the suggestion from my experience only. you better ask more information from doctor if need.

  22. hey to all i am 17 years old and i tryed all the markets acne cleeners nothing work .

    how ever i heard about roccutane can u tell me how dose t work? thanks

  23. Hi, i have used this drug 4 year ago, 1 course (3months – 20mg daily) i had my face full of swear acne, my skin was so oily, but aftar using this drug my skin got so normal neither dry nor oily, but i have QUESTION, i had acne on my head too which minimsed aftar using Roaccutane but it didnt vanish, after a year the same problem acne on my head started swearly… and now the condition is worst, im siting in so much pain, i took antibiotics (3months) course, welcodox 100mg daily, and stieprox shampoo and batonil lotion, but there is no cure, condition is getting more swear, now my doctor is saying that i will have to take roaccutane course again, what the hell is this? my face is fully clear… and its ok after taking roaccutane, why my head didnt get cured? hairloss is one more side effect of this drug, im just 20 and half of my hair are gone…. should i take an other course of this drug? i was not a depressed person before taking this drug, but now im a depression patient… my hair are gone at this early age…. please ppl out there, help me and tell me what should i do now? im from pakistan and im a student, tell me should i take this drug again…?????? its so costly… can any body help me out of it?

  24. According to recent studies, you can combat the irritation and dryness that occurs during topical acne treatments with OTC moisturizers. Most people that underwent topical acne treatments complained about skin dryness which lead to itchiness and irritation. Thanks to the OTC moisturizer these side effects were efficiently dealt with. The best part is that no serious adverse events were reported. The OTC moisturizer lead to decreased water loss, increased water retention, similar or improved levels of skin hydration, and decreased desorption rates. This is definitely good news for all those suffering from acne vulgaris.

  25. Hi, I’ve been taking Roaccutane for 4 weeks now and have only experienced the dry lips, and dry throat (drinking plenty of water). My doctor said only 3 standard drinks in a sitting(alcohol), my question is can I occasionally have more than that, without any adverse side effects?

  26. “What is this medicine helps me?
    – Healing your scars on your face.”

    This is great! i’m on roaccutane right now, 2nd month..another 4months to finish the course.

    Mind if I ask you something? what kind of scars that roaccutane helped you? i have 4 big acne’s scar(already on my face before i take roaccutane) on my right face and really hope roaccutane can get rid of them!

  27. Hey, I would very much like to know that what happens if I consume alcohol? My doctor said that it’s forbidden, but why? Is it bad if I drink alcohol few times in four months?

  28. May I know where exactly in Thailand did u purchase Roaccutane? How much will it cost for 20mg of Roaccutane in Thaiiland? (do state the currency) I will be backpacking in Northern Thailand and Bangkok, so I thought of purchasing it there if it’s cheaper than my country, Singapore.Thanks so much for all your help!!

  29. Can anyone e-mail me info on where to get this online fast without a prescription? clamkj =at= gmail =dot= com.

  30. I am not a patient using this medicine, but the mother of one. I can therefore say I suffer the pain of those suffering from acne…and undergoing such a treatment. Still, although his body has cleared up a lot, really, during the last 4 months, he still has outbursts of acne, red big spots in cheeks that bring him to tears! I have full confidence in the treatment. It is the best today. I will say to you what I tell him. Hold on, be patient. If you follow the treatment step by step, it will beat the damn thing one hundred per cent.

  31. Hello,I am very aware of the strong side effects this drug has. Before I start the course, I would like to know:- Is there any way you can ‘manage’ depression, so it does not go to an extent where you commited suicide?- Can I still use a daily wash with this drug? (i.e. Clearsil).- Do i get the blood test from my doctor or dematologist?- I didn’t suffer any side affects when I was taking ‘oxytetracycline’, does this mean that I won’t suffer any serious side affects whilst taking roaccutane?- After I finished the prescribed course, what should I do to maintain my ‘clear’ skin?- I wiegh 10 stone, what would the daily dosage be for me?Thanks,Benx

  32. I have really severe acne and I have been to a doctor countless of time. They recommend me Accutane. And right now I want to purchase some online becos I feel that its a tad expensive over the counter. Can u tell me where I can get them? I’m currently staying in Singapore.

  33. ive just finished my course on roaccutane and must admit that it has done a fantastic job. I had terrible acne on my back and face and it has cleared both areas up perfectly. I used BioOil during my course to help combat scarring on my face and its helped a lot. I suffered from terrible dry lips during the course but plenty of water and Vaseline helped the situation. Ive read a lot of people asking about alcohol and the courses, and honestly, I’m 18 years old and went out most weekends drinking while taking the drug and it had no side effect. I dont know whether that is just for me but thought i’d say. I think the main concern is while on the drug you get drunk a lot easier so they recommend you don’t do it… as a student however, it was pretty hard!!

  34. Hi I’m newly living in Bangkok can you tell me what pharmacy you found it at because it’s not in my area by the river.
    Thank you so much

  35. hello, i would like to buy roaccutane online without a prescription. can anyone help? to buy it from a derma is simply too expensive!

  36. hi im on a dose of 20mg a day i have mild achne im on my second month bt still getting outbreaks wen will i see inprovement & is this normal.. oh & id lyk to knw if i can use my foundation in the day if i go to work?? plz let me knw

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