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Male Shaving NiceAfter the recent article, the penis shaving topic was
removed. We still are getting requests for the
article, but we had to remove it because the article’s
wording and photos may be against our advertisers’
policies. We must pay close attention to the words/photos we present.

While we agree that men can shave their pubic hair to create the illusion of a bigger penis, that is not the main purpose. Here is the re-write with more useful information.

This focuses on men’s hair removal / shaving on the underarms and pubic area since these areas are difficult and sensitive for shaving and may have
ingrown hair problems. You might be interested in the other methods such as laser hair removal or hair waxing — these are also mentioned in this article.

The purposes of hair removal is making the area clean and to prevent odor. Other purposes are to make your penis looks bigger, confidence, better sex and it can be sexy when you wear skimpy clothes.

Disclaimer and Warning:
This article made is written from personal experienced and opinion about hair removal. Please be cautious before attempting it with yourself. We are not guaranteeing any results and you are trying it at your own risk.

Sexy With Bikini After ShaveIntroduction:
We have strong interest in this topic because it seems that men are worried about hair removal. A lot of men need to shave hair on many parts of their bodies. e.g.: facial, pubic area, bikini
area and underarm area. This is no surprise.

On a sensitive area like underarms and pubic area, the crotch, and sometimes at the top of the inside of the legs are a really serious topic for hair removal.

Pubic hair (Down there)

– To avoid odors.
– To avoid sweat and pimples.
– Confidential
– Can make your penis looks bigger and longer
– Better sex
– Better look

By shaving
I would suggest a hot shower or to in a hot tub before beginning shaving. Because after these, your pores will be open and your hair will be soft and easier tocremove.

Shave CreamI suggest also you should not use an electric shaver to remove your hair. It will scratch your scrotum. A safe razor will be better. You should use shaving moisturizing cream also.

If you have long pubic hairs, trim them first with a small scissors carefully. This can hurt you if you don’t pay close attention. The electric clipper is the better for this preparation. Take a seat first or have your partner help.

After trimming, take a hot shower to open the pores and make your hairs soft. Pat your ‘thing’ dry with a towel and apply moisturizing shave cream for 5 minutes.

Use only new blades! And have a towel close to you because your hand will be slippery from the shaving cream.

Be careful on your testicles and penis shaft, if you need to shave your penis shaft. Some people have hair around half the shaft. Always pay close attention and have your penis fully erect to make it easier for shaving. The example picture of penis shaving can be found here (Warning: this is not safe for kids. This is for instructional purpose only)

At first, shave with the grain and the second against the grain. Do not do repeat more than twice if you don’t want to have razor burn on your sensitive skin. For myself, I don’t want to suggest shaving against the grain, but some people like to be neat.

Bikini Zone - Prevent Irritation CreamAfter finishing, apply an aftershave moisturizing cream or toner then let them dry to prevent ingrown hair. You may want to apply some baby powder to help you dry and reduce itching.

Some people do shaving every other day. I will let you know before you start that the hair might grow real fast, depending on person, and the hair will be thicker in some people.

For a longer lasting effect, you might try waxing. I saw the waxing video clip and I bet that it hurt so much, but your hair will grow back softer.

Another suggestion is trimming. If your purpose is just to make your penis look bigger, longer or have better oral sex, I would suggest you do trimming only. This will help you avoid itching, ingrown hairs, injury, or thicker hairs.

Trimming will help you feel lighter and your “thing” can look bigger indeed.

Do not use any chemical cream on your pubic area.
Underarms hair (armpit area)

– To reduce the odor.
– To avoid sweat and pimples.
– Confidential

Shaving Moisturizing GelSome people wonder why men need to remove hairs underarm. Some people think hair underarm is masculine. Sometime I’d say yes, but many times I’d say no.

People might be suspicious that you are gay if you have no underarm hair. Your friends might wonder why you do it, but there are some purposes like those mentioned above.

Underarms ShavedFor muscle guys, removing underarm hair is essential. It makes your look sexier and avoids bothering other people when you go to gym to weight lift.

Long underarm hairs make you look very bad when you have big muscles.

However, trimming is not an option for underarm hairs. Only removing them completely will be satisfactory.

If you have long hairs, trim them first and apply shaving cream. Then, you can begin shaving. Do not apply to the same area more than twice and you can go against the grain.

For underarms hairs there is less to worry about, simply pay attention when you are shaving.

After 2 – 3 days, the hair will grow back, so use the tweezers to gently remove the new hairs. This is really just for short hair. The first time it might hurt a little and take several days before you can finish both sides, but the second and third times will not hurt.

The the hairs will grow back slowly and softer, and the effects will last longer each time.

Now you are ready to go to the gym or the beach!

Watch Hair Removal Videos here

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for an even closer shave.

PS. Another option is laser hair removal which is popular in New York and LA

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  1. The english in this is horrible. It’s pubic hair not public and the grammar is terrible. It is a good article but so hard to read because of the english. Please fix it, if you need help doing so contact me.

  2. I have used this product, i find that my partner has a better sex life after i began using my product she orgasm’s more and i also find that it is much more pleasurablex

  3. Thanks for the updated article. very useful information in there.

    People shave their body hair for many reasons and there are so many products out there on the market. Many men are now into body hair removal and especially leg hair removal for any number of reasons.

    The best advice i got was to research for the best product out there and save your money as a result. There are better and easier ways of shaving than what commercials and big companies are selling.

    Cheers and happy shaving everyone!

  4. My girlfriends shave, so i figure if they do it why can’t i? I did and since then we’ve all been having a great time. Thanks for the heads up on how to do it!

  5. There is nothing less sexy than getting head and having her stop to gag and choke on a stray hair.

  6. I’ve just been married and had my pubic hair shaved for the first time, …. and it drives my wife crazy.

    Thumbs up to shaved penises!!!

  7. dear sir please tell me aout some internation brand os a cream to remove theunwanted airon the edges of my ear
    and a oil to massage my penis and body

  8. My boyfriend lets me shave him. Plus, it makes oral sex so much better when he’s clean shaven. I love to shave him as well as the rest that comes later……

  9. Gotta agree – nothing wrong being hairy, but it’s MUCH nicer being smooth down there! You feel cleaner! I also shave my arm pits and find that even in hot weather I will sweat less and won’t stink!

  10. i was wondering how to approach my boyfriend on shaving his pubic area he also has hair around his butt and inbetween his butt cheeks can he shave his butt area or can he get the hair removed permently removed

  11. I suggest him to read this article and you might tell him how great it would be and how do you like it. At least ask him to try once.

    To get hair removal permanently need to use the laser, but could have some side effect in some case. Ask the doctor near your area.

  12. I keep my pubic hair real short and I’ve completely shaved my privates a few times and every time it feels wonderful, my girlfriend likes it, and it increases sensibility when she goes down there. I’ve also shved my armpits and it really diminishes odors. I once shaved my legs too and it’s very nice to feel them smoth.

    I think that shaving unconsciusly connects adulthood with childhood, is like you have a strong full grown man with the body looks of a hormone-driven potent teenager, that must be sexually atractive for women and men must feel sexually atractive too

  13. I had four treatments with a laser on my scrotum and penis, they are now hairless. No more shaving! Sex with my wife has never been better and oral sex has increased big time. The laser process was a bit uncomfortable until my doc used this numbing gel that worked perfectly – no discomfort.

  14. Just shave regularly, all of it. Most girls get curious and want to feel, not to mention fuck. To avoid redundant advice, I must say that adding baby powder is a good idea. My girlfriend loved it. She even asserted in the shower once, “you should up also. I want it smooth.”

  15. I have found that through shaving my cock, it has brought about longer erections, orgasms from my girlfriend, and “a smoother drive through the tunnel” if you know what I mean. My girlfriend loves getting a good fuck now and she comes almost every other day for one, also to suck on it. She said,”Now that you don’t use the lubrication gel with the condoms, (I stopped wearing those this year)i can’t get enough…” I love how I can slip in and slip back out easily without issues. She loves it, I love it. Oral sex has become easier. I can do her anywhere without her screaming like i’m about to bust her genitals. Ass entrance is a breeze as well. I spurt out loads of cum and she loves it, sometimes she just sits there and watches the show, other times she sucks and partakes, Fucks have become much easier all around.

    You have to try it, it gives sexual activity a new name.

    A satisfied customer

  16. I have been shaving the scrotum and penis since high school I am now 30. I love it, occasionally I also shave the entire region, but it involves a lot of time. I have to say, I just prefer the shaved feel and look, for myself. I am not trying to look or appearer to look like a young boy as women who are against shaving accuse men of wanting them to look like. Why can’t men appreciate an adult hairless vagina without being accused of having some bizarre fetish.

  17. I love to shave my pubes it feels so good and my partner sure loves it, he loves when my pubes are shaved he gives me a way better blowjob. He shaves everything too, even his legs he’s so sexy, sex is real good when your shaved you cumn way better my man loves it. Sex is great when your shaved. Im so gay, I love my man levin. Hes so hott!!!

  18. I have been removing my pubic hair for years. My boyfriend ask me one day after seeing him for a few months what did I do shave?, wax?. I told him my little secret and he now removes all his pubic hair without incident. Its painless, cheap and very easy! Go to your local drugstore, discount store and you will find this product either near the shaving products or Ethnic Hair Care Products. It works on anyone (you don’t have to be black as the product states).

    The product is called Soft Sheen Carson Magic Fragrant Shave Powder Depilitory. It comes in a gold and black can and cost about 2 bucks. It is a powder you mix with cool water to form a paste and wait about 3-5 minutes and your pubic hair will wipe right off. Unlike Nair, Neet, Veet it smells good no chemical odor, no chemical burns, no pain!

    It is original purpose was for black men who get shave bumps when they shave with a razor due to the curly hair causing ingrown hairs. This stuff truly is magic, and so cheap and easy. My BF was amazed since he never did anything like this before (he never shaved, waxed etc ever). The only irritation I ever felt after using this product is once I had shaved a couple of days prior due to being out of this product, and it did burn somewhat since my skin was “open”. I suggest using this on unwashed hair, do it right before a shower and make sure and rinse, rinse, rinse yourself. You will be as smooth as a babies butt!

  19. Is there a problem with using creams to get rid of pubic hair on the scrotum and penis? and what about the arse?

  20. I use a razor on my chest, back, stomach, penis and scrotum, underneath my scrotum and between my butt cheeks and underarms. I find this method very good. I dont get razor burn or rashes only a smooth clean body

  21. If you’re having doubts on whether the laser will be efficient on you, then you should consider some facts: the laser beam targets melanin, and the more melanin you have the more effective will the laser treatment be on you. That is why if you’re blond, red or gray-haired, then you might not make a good candidate for hair removal.

  22. theres lots of black hairs grown all over my shaft, what can i do to prevent this or make it stay off for a long periods of time?

  23. I love to have my penis shaved. When I’m at our cabin, and there is no running water, we’ll shave in the lake. My girlfriend will put on her g-string bikini and I will put on my speedo and we’ll go for a swim. Once in the water, I’ll remove her g-string and she’ll remove my speedo. We have to stay shallow to expose the hair so it doesn’t wash off the shaving cream. It’s so erotic being in the open when having someone shave your penis and vagina. The feeling of being so smooth and out in the open is so free. I can’t wait to feel the smoothness of my speedo in the lake again with no hair.

  24. Don’t stink because you shave your arm pits? Cripes, haven’t you heard of deodorant? I’m perfectly happy with my hair and I prefer going down on girls WITH hair.

  25. I have had all my chest,underarm and pubic hair removed by electrolysis which is the only way to go. Otherwise you spend a lot of time always shaving or waxing. Once you go smooth,it’s difficult to not want to keep it that way.Almost all women want men to get rid of their underarm hair and about 70% feel that the pubic hair should also be removed. All men should try going smooth for a trial period of 6 months;and I guarantee you will never go back to wanting hair and even if you did,your lover wouldn’t let you.

  26. My boyfriend and I shave each other. I love to hold his penis while I shave him. He doesn’t always make it to the end of the shave but it’s fun anyway. He likes to spread me when shaving my lips. I love it when he puts his speedo on after shaving and we go out to the beach. People look at him and it truns me on. His bulge is more defined when the hair is not in the way and you can see every bump on his penis. Especially when his white speedo is wet. We also love nude beaches. I love the smooth look of his body in the sun and when we lay together on the beach. Lots of people comment on how smooth his penis and testicles are. Sometimes I even let them feel.

  27. well i shaved my penis. is there any patterns that i can add to my pubic area to make it look cool?

  28. it is very essential to remove the pubic hair and around the ass and penis and pussy so that you can enjoy a lot during sucking or playing with those parts . They look smooth and lovely during fucking .

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