Switching your email to Gmail is easy!

Switching your email to Gmail is easy!If you are interesting in using Gmail, but you are still using your old email which is important. This can make you hesitate to switch, but your email box is almost full! Well, here is the suggestion.

For anyone who didn’t know about Gmail before, it’s a free web-based email service from Google.

You can learn more about Gmail here. It’s easy like the other web-based email

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Advance Referer Spam Block

Since my last post about referer spam,, I found that I can’t block all spam!

So I find the new way to do. It’s “mod_security“. You should looking for this mod in your PHPINFO by write a small script with

< ?php

Then looking for mod_security. If you are not sure,, ask your administrator.

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Referer Spam

I got the referer spam lately. It’s not much each bandwidth, but kind of annoy. The website owner that usually got referer spam is the blog site or website that show top referer or shout box or something.

The definition of referer spam : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Referer_spam

Here is the way to prevent!

Log into your site’s FTP server. Make sure it is set to display hidden files on the server. Check your FTP client’s documentation for help with that. If there is a file named .htaccess, download it and open it in a text editor. If there isn’t one, create one on your hard drive and upload it when you are finished. Continue reading “Referer Spam”

Email Marketing Lesson: RSS Feed Me

Every so often I take time out of my busy Email Marketing Consulting schedule and steal an afternoon just for myself. A few months ago I decided to take one of those days. With five glorious hours ahead of me I pondered how best to enjoy my break. I really wanted to do something memorable, something that would inspire me and something that would last long after my special day was over. So I did what everyone does on an afternoon off – I got a tattoo. Continue reading “Email Marketing Lesson: RSS Feed Me”