Hair Removal / Shaving issue

Male Shaving NiceAfter the recent article, the penis shaving topic was
removed. We still are getting requests for the
article, but we had to remove it because the article’s
wording and photos may be against our advertisers’
policies. We must pay close attention to the words/photos we present.

While we agree that men can shave their pubic hair to create the illusion of a bigger penis, that is not the main purpose. Here is the re-write with more useful information.

This focuses on men’s hair removal / shaving on the underarms and pubic area since these areas are difficult and sensitive for shaving and may have
ingrown hair problems. You might be interested in the other methods such as laser hair removal or hair waxing — these are also mentioned in this article.

The purposes of hair removal is making the area clean and to prevent odor. Other purposes are to make your penis looks bigger, confidence, better sex and it can be sexy when you wear skimpy clothes.

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Acne Skin Care Treatment

Proactiv Product for AcneAsian has alot of acne problem because of weather that hot and humidity. The bacteria is so happy on the face! We need special acne skin care. Don’t say it’s not necessary because acne cause a lot of thing. Panic, Inconfident, Hurt and itch. All of that can be from acne.

Oh my. I have been face this problem for a long time since 13 and now I am 27 years old and still got a little bit acne on my face. I have luck because I don’t have alot of acne until I die.

There is some acne skin care product that I know from friends and myself found it good. “Proactiv is great solution for acne treatment”, my friend said. Continue reading “Acne Skin Care Treatment”

Acne’s Top 10 FAQ’s

1.) Can you get (catch) acne from other people?

Answer: While certain types of acne do contain a bacterium, it is located in the hair follicles under your skin and can not be transmitted through contact. So no, touching or kissing someone with acne will not cause you to develop acne.

2.) If both my parents had acne does that mean I will develop acne?

Answer: Studies show that heredity does play an important role in determining who develops acne. So children of parents who had or have acne are at a grater risk then others. It should be noted that as with any disease just because you have a family history, does not guarantee you will get it; only that you have a much great chance then someone with no family history. Continue reading “Acne’s Top 10 FAQ’s”