Acne Diary: Chapter 6 – You Know What.. I Won!

After 1 and half year, I stopped oral prescription (Roaccutane) 2 times and start it over again. But I still keep my daily routine. I change moisturizer and sun block to the other that not so thick for my face. I chose to use Giffarine SPF 70 PA+++ only on the day I go out side and use moisturizer some times only.

I changed my routine a bit that I use only pure water to wash my face on the date that I don’t use Sun block. After wash with pure water for 3 days I then wash with Acne aid on the next day. (I wash my face twice a day)

Also I add 2% liquid BHA in my routine. I use it after clean my face in the morning and evening. This really help to clear black head and dead skin. Then I scrub my face once every other week. I actually use Benzac only when I have breakout once in a while.

Here are current products I use.

It’s a bit rough because during the time I got a good face I once got cyst acnes.
Here is my face on November 2009.

You definitely can not stop Roaccutane before those cyst completely gone. So I back to the oral drug routine again and keep on my daily routine still.

I have never gave up. It should be my day… in one day.

On April 2010

My face now, I would say has very little black head.

On June 2010

And finally.. this is my face September 2010

I would like to end this diary and so everyone now know that we need to keep it simple, not stress and not touch or squeeze face. If you have cysts, go to see doctor and get oral drug. Don’t try new skin care or cosmetic if you don’t really know what it is. Alcohol, fragrance, oil in product could make acne worse.

Next step is clearing the red/black spots and acne scars. That should be more difficult.

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