Acne Diary: Chapter 5, Close To The Goal

So sorry for stopped making the diary. I have been so stressed and busy with economic disaster and jobs so I lacked of update anything in my life. Here now I come back. Now I wanted to summary my story a little before end it.

Start from May 2008, I was so ready to fight with over 20 years acne problem

I still confirm that who has the same problem as mine, cysts acne, should see doctor and ask them if they can prescribe Iso-tretinoin or formly call Accutane (branded as Roaccutane, Acnotin or the other brand)

At first, I use only Penoxyl (Benzoyl Peroxide) and Acne aid (Liquid cleanser) and use Sun block sometimes.

I would say this is the best solution. Except Penoxyl is too strong for my face skin. So I suggest anyone has sensitive skin should use only water based of bezoyl peroxide. There are several brand in market. I suggest Benzac AC 2.5 or 5 from Galderma.

If I could back in time, I would suggest BHA too. I will help you exfoliating dead skin cell which cause black head problem. I suggest 2% Liquid BHA from Paula’s choice.

Then use sunscreen only when you go out and avoid to face the sun light directly. I picked a very light lotion sun block to use.

Please remember that keep it basic. No moisturizer, no cream, no make up and other stuff.

After then on next posts, I keep counting and counting which one gone and which one just popped up. It was not a good idea because it gave me more stress and then it come again and again.

I am the person who has very bad luck because my face can produces acne from the thin air in everything I could blame on… such as sun light, humidity, sleepless, stress, sick, raining, sweating, too cold, dirty.. etc. and that was much everything.

What I did and is really good for me is, not watch the mirror so much. Clean my hands often and not touch my face if not necessary.

On June 2008. My face was better.

My face was better at that time. Then I use moisturize and sun block. I would say I don’t need moisturizer at that time really. But both is good and non-greasy. I recommend if you like to use. It was L’Oreal men expert pure and matte and The sun block is L’Oreal men expert white activ (SPF 20)

If you don’t have a chance to face the sun light. I suggest not to use any of them for now.

After I didn’t review from chapter 4.. I still taking photo of my face..

Here is on July 2008. I have a better face.

I still keep on my same routine everyday. I tried so hard not to stress and bother with those red and black spot that left on my face because I need to clear acne up.. not them.

In each day my face is getting better. I know I need to be patient.

This is August 2008. You could see a little smile there.

On April 2009. The weather here is so hot and lot of humid. I have never forgot to use sun screen any day from the day I started and still keep on my daily routine. At that time I was 29 and already got forehead wrinkle. So make sure you use sun screen before you look old more than you age just like me!

If you still remember I take oral prescription (Roaccutane). I had checked my liver every 3 months and it is function perfectly. Yes, I have side effect such as dry lip, light sensitive. To be continued…

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