Acne Diary: Chapter 4 – Getting Better

June 25th, 2008

Now 20 days later, all acne on the forth pic has gone. Here is 4th pic.

18, 20, 21, 23, 26, 27, 28 gone leave red spots on my face (damn it! LOL), but but but I got 3 more big acne again (29, 30, 31) here is a pic

29 is not bad, but 30 is in my skin, red, and very big. Seem it is cyst. Also 31 is a real bad because it is a cyst and already raising out of my face. It’s quite hurt.

Back to the solutions. I still take Roaccutane and dab the acne with Penoxyl and Ratin-A on red/black spot at night to peeling them.

I also have try the new moisturizer and sun block. The moisturizer is L’Oreal men expert pure and matte
and The sun block is L’Oreal men expert white activ (SPF 20). Here are pics.

I don’t want to use more than SPF 20 because the cream will be too thick and greasy on skin. That’s why I have pure and matte to control the oil on face.

Both of these are really good. I got a bit burn feeling when i use because my face skin is too sensitive on alcohol (Ratin-A and Panoxyl did it), but the moisturizer help to control the grease on face and I feel like the powder cover my face when it dried. (isn’t that for ‘matte’?)

Now I am happier than before and I will tell you more in next chapter. Here is the pic of the same day with new hair cut. Look better?

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  1. hi there. i just happened to see your post. i am a simple guy with a problem almost as same as yours – acne. currently, i am using the L’Oreal Men Expert White Activ Oil Control facial foam, the newest addition to its line. to cut my story short, i have also used several medications before and i have been under a number of dermatologists too. Acnetrex was my savior I think. Now, i don’t get severe breakouts anymore. plus as i’ve said, im using L’Oreal foam – that alone.

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