Acne Diary: Chapter 1 – My Face Must be Clear Up

After I wrote about Roaccutane, There are so many responds and questions. My previous experience doesn’t full fill your thought? Here what I did.

After I stopped the medicine for six months, acne come back and enjoy living on my face. Due to I move back to Thailand and the weather is hot and a lot of humidity, my face was getting worse once again.

This time I also make my acne diary to record every detail and photos.

May 3rd, 2008
I set my goal once again. It’s gonna be a last set of acne on my face.

Here are pics. Don’t worry about black strips. It will be remove at the end. haha

Today, May 3rd, 2008 I set up to strictly cure my acne and face problem. Maybe this is kinda late making diary because I already start a strictly cure from April.

It has been too long since I was 13 and now I am 29! It is 16 years that I was suffering from acne. A lot of scar on my face. After this project done, I will cure the scar and will write another diary!

Cure all Pustule, Papules, Nodules and Cysts acnes
I couldn’t count all of em, but here I tried to count all my acne on my face. This is a tough job!
– 16 spots with marked number

As they are Nodules and Cysts so I use Isotretinoin (Roaccutate) for treatment as 20mg daily.

Nodulocystic Acne
Cysts are relatively uncommon in acne; however, this form of severe acne is characterized by cysts, which may measure several centimeters in diameter.

Also I dabbed BP (Panoxyl: Benzoyl Peroxide) after 30 min of washing face with Acne Aid.

I won’t pop, squeeze or pick at acne anymore!

not scrub and use only mind products.

use only non-comedogenic (not clog pores) products

careful of touch oily hair and keep it off my face, stop hair gel.

avoid sunlight. use sunscreen

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